Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Fatal Choice of Words - Romney

Never underestimate the powerfulness of words. Consider, for example, how a few guiltless words can potentially derail a candidate's presidential aspirations.

Republican campaigner Hand Romney have 5 boys ranging in age from 26 to 37. Until recently, they have got been employed as advertisement executives, athletics sellers and existent estate developers. They are now actively campaigning for their father's election.

Asked about their military position at an Ioway mass meeting on August 8, Romney said he respected their determination to avoid military service, pointing out that his boys were supporting the state by helping their father acquire elected.

Anti-war activistic Rachel Griffiths, who asked the question, was a small disconcerted by the answer. Told that Romney's boy Josh was supporting his state by riding all around Ioway in a Winnebago, trying to acquire his father elected, was not exactly what she expected to hear.

Romney's account is more than than a small telling of his character. In fact, it states you exactly what he is. Yes, you can name him a flip-flopping, poll-driven, draft-dodging, Mormon millionaire elitist automaton - or anything else.

His boys have got a right to avoid this war. For any figure of first-class reasons. And if I had boys of military age, I would counsel them to avoid it too. What is truly conscienceless is Romney's burning support of the warfare - and somehow equating his sons' activities with the awful forfeits made by our servicemen on active duty in Islamic State Of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Apparently it is acceptable for other children to travel to warfare - to go back encephalon damaged or unsighted or without limbs or in a organic structure bag - as long as your children are safe.

But of course! Why didn't I believe of it? His children obviously rate only the best. Yours? Cannon fodder! Peons. Serfs. How dare you even believe to inquiry the male monarch of the hill?

Romney revealed who he was, and under that guiltless Mormon facade, there's an timeserving power-hungry, privileged elitist - no different from any of our demented rules in the White Person House.

In a word, he's a Hypocrite. A individual who professes beliefs and sentiments that are not his own. A word derived from sodium thiosulphate - significance small. Despite his unbelievable fortune, his glossy talking and attractive demeanor, It would look that Mr. Romney is a very little man.

Elect him, if you will, but don't anticipate any alteration from the catastrophes we confront now. We've had more than than one dissembler in the White Person House. Another shouldn't do that much difference.

Just seek not to be completely deceived. When a militarist advocators more warfare - for your kids, not his - who makes he represent? Certainly not you. It's always the mediocre who pay the terms - the mediocre who fighting and endure and die. Not people like the Romneys.

I believe there should be a law that necessitates active duty armed forces service for the boys and girls of every elective functionary that ballots for war. Might be a few less warfares then.

Note: It's Sunday, August 12 as I compose this. Hand Romney have won the Ioway straw opinion poll - as expected. How did this happen? Who knows. People are looking for a new leader, and Mr. Romney is an complete actor. Maybe we can chalk it up to a failing school system - and the intentional dumbing-down of our citizens. Maybe it's the fourth estate - our fantastic "free" fourth estate that pull stringss every point of so-called news. Maybe it's just a inquiry of Iowans being not able to acknowledge the obvious.

More likely than not, it's probably just a inquiry of money. Mr. Romney wouldn't be the first politician to purchase an election. Maybe he's wealthy adequate to purchase the Presidency. I inquire what it must experience like - to be able to purchase anything you might want...

At any rate, winning a straw opinion poll doesn't vouch anything. Mr. Romney still have a few hurdling to traverse - and one can only trust that the great common out here in Sheepleland come up to their senses in time.

I still believe that the turning point in Mr. Romney's calling came with his fatal pick of words - excusing his sons' deficiency of service, while supporting an illegal warfare that takes the lives of others not so fortunate.

In the improbable event of a Romney Presidency, however, I'm prepared. I have got got two written documents in presence of me, and I just have to take which one to use. One states me how to construct a bomb shelter. The other is a traveling booklet of Canada.

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