Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Is a Christian Website Biblically Viable?

Before addressing this, maybe we should back up a little. In fact, maybe we ought to endorse up quite a bit.

The Book learns that Supreme Being became a man. What a individual believes about this claim - have no consequence upon it. For centuries, Supreme Being had worked with one peculiar culture, and chose to do His visual aspect there. "He was in the world, and the human race was made through Him, and the human race did not cognize Him. He came into His ain things (Israel), and those who were His ain did not have Him" (Jn 1:10,11). Over those centuries, much had been revealed about His personality, precedences and goals. State Of Israel should have got welcomed Him, but, as a whole, they did not. We are told He had "no baronial word form or stateliness that we should look upon Him, nor visual aspect that we should be attracted to Him" (Isa 53:2). More than likely, His enemies despised His expressions and idiosyncrasies ... maybe even the sound and meter of His voice. They were determined to hush that voice. They eventually framed Him, and were successful in convincing the government to carry Him.

At one point in His ministry, Jesus Of Nazareth stated, "A student is not above his teacher; but everyone, after he have been fully trained, will be like his teacher" (Lk 6:40). Person nature have not changed. If given one-half a chance, many today will gladly hush any voice that is contrary to their own. For any Christian, a life that makes not stop like the Teacher's ... well, that student have been spared. That's mulct with me. Iodine have got got no desire to stop this life on a Roman cross - or any modern-day equivalent.

In malice of this, over the millennia, Christians have shared their brushes with the life Supreme Being in many ways. Political and technological progresses have got often granted new avenues for the look of this witness. Whether it's the innovation of a printing press, radiocommunication or television, or a authorities that grants spiritual freedoms to its people ... great chopine have got opened for a Christian's "voice." Let's expression at a new one.

A few old age ago, there was no such as thing as the Internet ... or a Christian website. This platform is astonishing. Christians can now upload their work to the cyberspace and have got a worldwide impact - without ever leaving their desk. And Christians who dwell in states where they are free to exert this "voice" are the receivers of extraordinary favor. Such luck is remarkable. Words cannot impart the magnitude of such as an chance now available to an individual Christian. Personally, I am amazed Supreme Being have placed such as as a "megaphone" at the end of fingertips attached to such faulty hands.

So, with this new medium, the Christian should anticipate new rules. New times, new opportunities, new bounds ... right? Well, you already cognize what's coming. All the old regulations still apply. A Christian website is not "a free zone." And what are these rules? "Each adult male must watch how he constructs on (the foundation). For no adult male can put a foundation other than the 1 which is laid, which is Jesus Of Nazareth Christ. Now if any adult male constructs upon the foundation with gold, silver, cherished stones, wood, hay, or straw, each man's work will go evident; for The Day will expose it, because it is to be revealed with fire; and the fire itself will prove the quality of each man's work. If any man's work, which he have built upon (the foundation) survives, he will have a reward. If any man's work is burned up, he will endure loss ...." (1Cor 3:10-15). Of course, any stuff about Supreme Being that jumps from a different foundation have absolutely no hope of prevailing before our Creator. It will be summarily dismissed.

One primary determiner between fire and wages is the truth of the announced knowledge. One's "interpretation," or "good intentions," or what "seems or experiences right," will not predominate over bad information. Supreme Being is not obligated to utilize your error, or mine, to spread out His Kingdom. What an oxymoron. Mistake is destined for fire. It makes not substance if it jumps from simple ignorance - or malicious deception. Its beginning is irrelevant.

It should also be understood that the Bible's most aggressive warnings are directed at those who stand for the Creator. He desires to be represented accurately - and repeatedly warns anyone taking on this endeavor. "Let not many go teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such as we shall incur a stricter judgement" (Ja 3:1). This warning is aimed at Christians - who have got been wholly pardoned! So, what is in shop for false teachers, Prophets and others who announce a message different from the Bible? Supreme Being is intensely serious about this ... far beyond my understanding. (See 2Pet 2:1-22 and Jude: 3-19 for starters.)

But along with accurate content, there is another bedrock consideration for "how" 1 should properly construct upon the foundation. Let's talking about money. Before I became a Christian, I always knew when I stumbled upon a Christian radiocommunication or telecasting station. Within proceedings (or less) they would be calling for money - my money, grandma's money, your money, everybody's money - anybody's money. I instinctively knew many were charlatans, but as for the remainder ... what sort of "God" needed to have got His retainers in my billfold? This turned me off ... and, with the impudent of a switch, I turned them off. Fortunately, the Writer of the Book did not stay soundless about my ailment on this matter.

At one point, I decided to read the Bible. To my amazement, I establish an copiousness of information about money ... and spiritual frauds. At the clip of this writing, I have got been a Christian for over thirty years. Supreme Being have never charged me a penny for any of His information - or Acts - on my behalf. And He never will. So, if I am claiming to stand for Him to others, why would I? Of course, I have got heard "why" for three decennaries ... but most "whys" are rationalisations - not reasons. "Freely you received, freely give" (Mt 10:8). Shouldn't this option be the first 1 explored?

So, let's look again at a Christian website and the Bible. With a very little personal cost, one can now freely offer what Supreme Being have taught him/her - all over the world. This is exciting ... and shocking. When I believe of Christians past (and present), who have got never been given such as a "voice" ... it is clear this have nil to make with fairness. But, even more than shocking, when Supreme Being Himself was here, did He give Himself a megaphone like this? The world of such as a platform ... for a pupil?

Do you have got a Christian website? Purpose to do it solid in content - a hoarded wealth thorax - with no money barrier in presence of His treasure. Whether we like it or not, every item of our work will be scrutinized for content ... and procedure. Why "toil for fire" (Hab 2:13)? May Supreme Being have got clemency upon us all.

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