Saturday, November 3, 2007

IMPD unit has violent crime in cross hairs

By Vic Ryckaert

Capital Of Indiana police force have got created a squad of at least five investigators to secretly watch people suspected in multiple violent crimes. The goal: catch them committing another crime.

UNIT'S first 7 ARRESTS The IMPD's new Violent Crime Unit Of Measurement have arrested seven suspects since its origin in early October:• Jeff Tyson, 24, is accused of robbery and ownership of marijuana.• Tony Mays, 29, have been convicted of drunken driving, trespassing and handgun-related crimes and is accused of marihuana possession.• Kraut Emerson, 32, have strong beliefs for burglary, coke ownership and resisting apprehension and is accused of coke ownership and pistol offenses.• Corey Jordan, 26, have strong beliefs for coke possession, theft, pistol discourtesies and resisting arrest.• Rebel Burger, 25, have strong beliefs for coke possession.• Tijuan Patton, 28, have strong beliefs for pistol offenses, resisting arrest, ownership of marijuana, and dramatic or interfering with a police force force officer.• Stephen A. Douglas Cure, 42, have been linked to a twine of violent robberies, including an onslaught on two women in Broad Ripple on Aug. 25, police said. Police state Remedy used a baseball club to hit both women, ages 24 and 25, and steal their bags as they were getting into a auto about 2:30 p.m. inch the 5700 block of East Fall Brook Parkway, North Drive.Source: Capital Of Indiana Metropolitan Police Department

The Capital Of Indiana Metropolitan Police Department announced its new Violent Crime Unit Of Measurement four years before the mayoral election, in which law-breaking have been a cardinal issue for voters.

The thought for the unit of measurement originated this summer, said Sgt. Alice Paul Thompson, a spokesman for IMPD. Homer Homer Thompson said the unit of measurement started work the first hebdomad of October but wasn't announced until Friday because military officers wanted to do a few apprehensions before they went public with it.

Thompson said the announcement's timing was a coincidence. Mayor Baronet Peterson and Sheriff Frank Sherwood Anderson were not at the news conference Friday.

John Cochran, political campaign director for Republican rival Greg Ballard, said it is good that the section is working to proactively aim criminals, but he have reserves about the demand for a new specialised unit.

"I like anything that's proactive, but the best manner to make that is to acquire back to community policing," Jacqueline Jacqueline Cochran said, adding that good dealings with occupants will assist all police force force path down violent criminals.

"Nobody cognizes better what's going on in the vicinities than the people who dwell there."

The Violent Crime Unit Of Measurement have arrested seven people who police said were "the worst of the worst" and causing the most problems. Police said the work force were linked to law-breakings that include drug dealing, gun possession, robbery and assault.

"We are looking for repetition violent offenders," Sgt. Saint Matthew Saddle Horse said, "those who are causing the most jobs and creating the most havoc."

The unit's investigators were pulled from assorted patrol and fact-finding units of measurement in the department, but police force won't state how many military officers are in the unit, citing security concerns. The affected sections will acquire new military officers to fill up the vacancies, Maj. William Benzoin said.

Crime is a major concern among voters, coming in a stopping point 2nd to place taxations as the top job facing Indianapolis, according to a recent Capital Of Indiana Star-WTHR (Channel 13) poll. Eighty-eight percent of 400 likely Marion County electors polled said law-breaking was a major problem.

Statistics show law-breaking rates are mixed this year. Homicides are down about 20 percentage from this clip in 2006. Business burglaries dropped 16 percent, vehicle larcenies declined 14 percent, and colzas were down 5 percentage for the first six calendar months of this year.

However, robberies were up 24 percent, aggravated assaults increased 31 percent, and residential burglaries increased 18 percentage during the same clip period.

Westside grandma Bonnie Dotts applauded the department.

"Well, I believe it's something that demands to be done," said Dotts, 59. "A batch of them are repetition wrongdoers usually. This is a good measure forward."

Dotts said she's noticed more than auto break-ins and burglaries in her vicinity recently. She believes the law-breakings stem from people who may be dealing drugs in the area.

"When you have got drugs in the community, that makes a batch of other problems," she said.

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