Monday, November 5, 2007

Uganda: Americans to Handle Corruption Cases -

Ronald KalyangoKampala

TWO American advisors will help the Government fighting corruption. Sheri Randazzo and R. Manthipragade are from the United States Department of Justice. They were sent to Republic Of Uganda under the Millennium Challenge Corporation initiative, established by the United States government.

The functionaries will supply technical support to the Director of Populace Prosecution, Inspector General of Government and the Criminal Investigations Department.

They are currently based at the Anti-Corruption Country Threshold Program business offices in Kampala.

Speaking during the designing of a communicating scheme at Buziga Country Resort in Kampala, the programme's head of party, Dr. Kevin Curnow, said the squad would work with their Ugandan opposite numbers to dispose of over 1,000 pending corruptness cases.

He added that the programme was designed to help states that are on the "threshold" of the Millennium Challenge Account entree bigger grant aid called Compacts.

The three-year programme is aimed at reducing corruption. Through it, the United States authorities have given Republic Of Uganda $10.4m to better public procurement, audited account and fiscal direction practices, beef up the function of civil society and construct capacity to ease more than effectual follow-up of reported malpractices.

Curnow said six African states had benefited from the Compacts grant.

Ghana got $574m, Kingdom Of Lesotho $362m, Republic Of Madagascar $109m, Republic Of Mali $460m, Republic Of Mozambique $506m and Republic Of Namibia $313m.

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"When Republic Of Uganda registries advancement in controlling corruption, it stand ups higher opportunities of getting up to about $500m," Curnow added.

The finances are to assist the state computer address particular policy failings indicated by its tons on the policy measurements.

Curnow added that the money would assist cut down poorness through investings targeted at developing substructure like water, transport, agriculture, private sector and institutional capacity.

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