Thursday, June 14, 2007

Baptism A Memorable Religious Family Occasion

A sacred and important ceremony in the life of any Christian, baptism has taken on a meaning of its own in the English language. The original word, from its Greek root, meant washing or cleansing or even possible submersion into water. The rite in Christianity now implies becoming a full Christian. Usually, young babies are baptized quite early in life in order to complete their membership of the Christian faith.

A beautiful white robe looks lovely and pure on any little baby, girl or boy; he or she will look like a little angel. You may even have a baptism party with a twist – ask your younger guests to dress like angels or shepherds. They are sure to enjoy it, as are their parents. Decorate your home with candles and white flowers, to give it a clean and celestial ambience.

Make sure you and your family are dressed in their best clothes, as this will no doubt be a day when lots of pictures will be taken. An idea might be to try and take pictures earlier in the day rather than later, as it's great to see happy and smiling faces rather than grizzly children who haven't had their nap yet!

Sharing a meal afterwards with your family and friends is a great way to round off the occasion. One option is to have a 'pot luck' dinner, with each family bringing a dish to share. If you opt to do this, it might be an idea to ask half the families to bring savoury food and the other half to bring dessert. Another good idea is to serve food that you can prepare the day before; that way you get to relax and enjoy your baby's day.

Your baby's baptism is a special occasion worth sharing with all your loved ones. It doesn't take much to add a special touch to the day, and make it truly memorable.

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