Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Impeachment For The Hell Of It

The pages of history are full of events where the little guy without a chance of victory destroyed the stronger opponent through shear obstinatnance. During the battle of the Coral Sea the Japanese plans were destroyed when a US naval forces consisting of a couple of cruisers and half a dozen destroyers encountered the main Japanese naval task force. Common sense would have dictated the US forces run for it, out numbered and out gunned the cruisers and destroyers instead steamed directly for the Japanese fleet.

The Japanese commander was astonished to see this weaker force begin to attack knowing the Americans weren't suicidal and not in a position where they could afford to lose warships. He feared he was being lured into a trap the Americans were trying to hold him there until reinforcements arrived. The American commander felt he had no other option if they ran the Japanese could destroy them but if they fought it out they at least had a chance. The Japanese fleet turned and fled to the astonishment of the American commanders.

A lesson lost on this Congress, cowed and totally lacking testicles they bend and shuffle while mumbling, "Yes sir." Apparently there is not a chess player in the bunch someone who knows the value of "check."
Congress is made up of pool players aiming for angles not wanting to disrupt the shape on the table. Sheep who dream at night about becoming ninja warriors by just following along quietly and not making waves.

Legendary football coach Bear Bryant sent his team into a national championship game with this speech, "Go out there and make something happen," The message was clear the time for talk was over. Whether his team was the favorite or the underdog was irrelevant it was what the team did on the field right now to make things happen that mattered.

The case for impeachment is clear and incontrovertible the only questions left are whether to list the crimes in alphabetical order or in order of heinousness. Dennis Kucinich is on the right tact by impeaching Cheney first a proverbial shot across the bow. But the sheep lift their heads and mumble, "shhh, don't make them mad we don't have the votes." Even Al Gore who I consider a damn fine fellow is against impeachment but his argument that we don't have time and that it would be counterproductive doesn't hold water either.

The Democratic leadership by announcing their plans complete with a timetable handed their nut sack to the Republicans. All the Republicans need do is stall and the Democrats will appear impotent and so far the Democrats ability to horse trade rivals Jack with the family cow. There comes a time when temerity is not a virtue and politeness is but a shield for cowardness. Excuses such as not enough time or it would be counterproductive or we have to work with them on other issues so we mustn't upset them is merely prolonged capitulation. Sun Tzu the military genius of the Art of War advises, "If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant." The Democrats have mastered the pretend to be weak strategy and Bush has achieved a famous level of arrogance, now is the time to irritate him.

Upwards of 80% of the American population has turned against the war make the Republicans explain to America why they support the continued illegal carnage. A solid majority believes the President lied to lead us into this war what possible advantage is there in giving the Republicans a free ride. Make the Republican candidates explain how they supported Bush and should be elected over those who didn't!

1. But we don't have the votes!

No, and you never will until you try! Putting the issue on the front burner generates heat, a heat that cannot be tolerated by the Republicans it refocuses the issue from flag waving and posturing to was this legal? Or was this a sham? Want to be a patriot and wave the flag? Fine, now defend a sham, an illegal humbug a fraud perpetrated on the American people. Wave your flag and defend your Presidents illegal sham as the bodies pile up in your district. It's damn difficult to lose an argument when you hold the moral high ground the logical high ground and 80% of American public opinion.

Even Custer wouldn't charge blindly into that fight the Republicans will run from Bush faster than the rivers run in spring! John McCain has tied himself to the President's positions and see how's that working out for him among Republican voters?

2. We don't have the time!

That's easy enough to say sitting in your cozy Washington flat, however if you were in your trailer outside Baghdad ducking mortar rounds every night you might judge time a little more liberally. Or if you're a mother in Omaha or Galesburg counting the days waiting on your son or daughter one day is sufficient enough for a lifetime.

3. We must work with the Republicans on other issues!

No, no you don't they have to work with you! You are in the majority now. And besides if you back them into the corner defending Bush and Cheney with all the scandals and illegal war they won't be around there much longer and you can work with the new guys. The Republican's are in a quandary, contributions are falling, their base splintering, and their ideological philosophy totally debased. Bush hasn't just broken the treasury or the military he's broken the Republican franchise to smithereens.

4. It would be counter productive and we have so much work to do!

Point blank! Like what! What's more important than American boys fighting and dying half way around the world more in service to multi national oil companies than to the American flag. They're fighting and dying to defend their buddies not America, Tell me, what's more important than that!

The reasons for impeachment are clear and justified; we are not talking blowjobs or indiscretions here.
We are talking about war crimes and if this President is not to be impeached none ever will be again and we lose the ultimate safety valve on our government. For any future President can call on history for his or her defense, by simply saying they didn't impeach W so the charges against me must be frivolous or pure politics' and he or she will be right. Maybe the current flock of sheep grazing on congressional paychecks are too afraid to upset the status quo.

I'm sure they have a lot of friends among the Republican's and don't want to herd them towards the cliff or force them into the butcher's wagon. But we are past comfort zones here! There is a mad man at the helm who makes Richard Nixon look like a boy scout, was Nixon impeached for a blowjob or with good reason? But I will give them no respite they have no choice here in this, this isn't about pandering or politics' this is about procedure and justice for the American people. For the men who have died needlessly and those who will spend the rest of their days living with that truth and for all of us who must pay the bills yet to come due.

Just like the US navy in the Coral Sea the battle is forced upon you, if you run you will be defeated. You must move forward with the attack not just because it's your best chance of victory but also because it's your duty and it's the right thing to do! So don't you dare wrap yourself in the American flag and talk about our brave troops! They're doing their duty while you mumble your weak excuses, excuses that make you an accomplice by refusing to act! To paraphrase our clueless leader, "Your either with us or against us"

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