Friday, June 22, 2007

My Car is a Lemon--Lemon Law Advice

If you bought a new car that turned out to be a lemon, there are lemon laws that were designed to benefit the buyer.

The following is some advice regarding that lemon you purchased in case you need to prove you case at a future time. These Lemon Law advices are designed to assist consumers to collect information they will need to prove that their car is a lemon.

Keep Copies

Safeguard all copies of documentation you have with regard to your car and its history. This includes all repair invoices, purchase contracts, written warranty, and owner's manual that came with your car.

Take Written Notes

Take notes on all conversations you have with your car dealer and its repair staff regarding your car and its "lemon" potential. Write down the time, date, and specifics of the discussion. This also includes in-person contact and phone calls.

Ask About Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's)

The manufacturer regularly sends out TSB's to alert car dealers of specific defects or necessary repairs in certain models. Be sure to ask about these TSB's, or your dealer might not disclose this information. Therefore, speak up and request that your repair technician write your request on the repair invoice.

Prepare a Timeline

If you have many repair invoices on hand, make a timeline to organize each repair attempt by date, the number of times you brought your car to the shop, and how many days overall your car has been out of service.

Do Not Get Discouraged

Repair technicians, car dealers, and others might tell you the problems you are having with your car do not qualify under the lemon law for any sort of relief. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM! They are lying through their teeth to save themselves a buck or two. Only a licensed attorney who practices law in the state where you bought your car is qualified to make such a determination regarding lemon laws.

There are many forms of fraud going on nowadays. It is up to you to educate yourself on what is or is not legitimate. Hopefully, our advice will minimize your chances of becoming a victim of a crime of this form of consumer fraud.

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