Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jimmy Carter Didn't Lie

Jimmy Carter didn't lie when he called President George Bush, "The worst president EVER, in the history of this country." He lied when he said his words were misinterpreted and taken out of context. Mr. Carter, having given his assessment a second thought, called his words "reckless," when in fact they were a accurate assessment of Mr. Bush's presidency. No president has done more to circumvent the Constitution upon which this nation was founded, than George Dubya Bush. He has single-handedly lowered the high esteem and stature in which the United States was once held. He squandered the considerable residue of international good will we enjoyed shortly after Nine-Eleven. His shoot from the hip foreign policy initiatives has been disastrous. The so-called war on terror is a farce. As he well knows, you can't seriously wage a war against a tactic. Iraq had nothing to do with Nine-Eleven or al-Qaeda and wasn't a threat. They were contained before Mr. Bush decided a pre-emptive strike was in order. In so doing we lost the moral high ground and became the terrorists we were supposed to be against. We tend to forget the huge toll the war and subsequent occupation has had on innocent Iraqi civilians. Iraq has become unhinged and we are in the middle of their civil war.

Mr. Bush's operating tactics are straight out of the Nazi handbook. He has literally gotten away with murder, by convincing us that the Boogie Man exists and is intent on doing us harm. Al-Qaeda is the Boogie Man of choice. Nine-Eleven has become his mantra. To keep the fear factor going, Mr. Bush recently released declassified document that suggest Bush family friend Osama bin Lardin wants to cause us further harm. That should have been obvious, but there's no need for us to retreat to the bomb shelter. Bush has positioned himself as the great defender, in a world that is hell-bent on our destruction.

The truth of the matter is he has weakened us by creating existing and future terrorists, because of his repressive policies. Other countries have experienced greater levels of terrorism, with more frequency than us, but none of them reacted the way we did by attacking an uninvolved sovereign land. Bush's domestic policies have resulted in the loss of so-called inalienable rights. American citizens are now subject to have their phones tapped, e-mails and letters arbitrarily read and could be spirited away in the middle of the night without legal recourse. Under the Bush Reich we can be taken to a foreign country and tortured, with the stroke of his pen. This president has ignored the Constitution upon which this nation was founded and reinstituted the monarchy. King George has ruled by fear. So afraid are we of being harmed or being called coward that we have allowed him to rule unfettered. Unfortunately, like his political party of choice, the Democratic Party, Jimmy Carter lacks the courage of his convictions. The Democratic Congress came in with a mandate to end the war, instead they have thus far capitulated to the worst president EVER!

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