Monday, May 21, 2007

Terrorism is Unfortunate Indeed

As the virus of Islam grows with hate,

The innocent victims and lovers of freedom relate.

We are joined together in a cause of just,

Our steadfast resolve cannot rust.

The Middle Eastern media and propaganda has convinced themselves,

That we will lose and put our weapons back on the shelves.

As Al Jezzera incites gang attire and color,

They create more hateful youth to die as fodder.

Preaching violence and hate against the Jews,

Only causes them a further fall as they lose.

For in war there are no winners,

Indeed, in the end all men are sinners.

The pathogen of evil must be quelled,

The purveyors of hate must be repelled.

Islam must stand up against this humanitarian crime,

Then we shall have the peace we search for in our time.

Those who turn their heads and refuse to see truth,

Will only lose another generation of youth.

It is time for Islam to cure their ill,

Stand up and allow cooler heads to chill.

Where is the real problem in the World not the West,

For one to purport this can only does so in jest.

Its all just desert sand furious sound,

Islam has been a war with its self as long as it has been around.

No one can deny the historical past,

Why won't Islam give peace a chance.

Say what you will or say what you might,

This does not make international terrorism alright.

For those who wish to change the world to hate,

I am sorry to alert you that it is a little too late.

Peace always comes at a price,

Why won't the international terrorists just be nice.

If we cannot convince them to render their best behavior,

It shall be our honor to eliminate them forever.

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