Friday, May 25, 2007

Some Thoughts on $400.00 Haircuts by Politicians

Why do politicians spend $400.00 on their haircuts? One Democrat Politician recently spent four-hundred dollars on his haircut and then bought a $1.00 bumper sticker for his $250,000 car? The other day I got an excellent hair cut for $20.00 with shampoo and all. The most I have ever spent on a haircut has been $40.00 and only due to the very high-rent district I was in.

How can any politician claim to be one with the people they are to serve if they spend $400.00 on a Haircut? I mean even the famous pop-stars barely spend that much. In fact, I just read in one very reliable news journal, perhaps you have heard about it; "National Inquirer" that even Paris Hilton only spends $300 or so dollars on her hair and she even gets paid $100,000 just to show up at parties.

It is a slap in the face to the working men and women of this nation for our politicians to go and blow $400 on a haircut and then tell us they are "one of us" and that we must vote for them? No Way! Someone needs to go and mess up their hair and teach them a lesson. I mean this is utterly ridiculous - what a sham and what a disgraceful message they are sending to our younger generation.

Are you going to vote for some politician who spends $400 on a haircut just so they can look good giving a speech or so they can look their finest on their next radio talk show interview? Not me. You decide if you want to be taken for a ride.

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doomsy said...

Not too happy about the "Democrat politician" reference, by the way...

Also, there are links from my home page to information on Edwards, including his single-payer health care plan, if you want to take a look.