Saturday, July 14, 2007

Captial Hill Strikes Again

I see Washington Hill is obviously experiencing encephalon cramps! United States Congress have reached a via media on a measure that have put new criteria on the question methods for "combatants". Bash maintain in mind, we are talking about "enemy soldiers", not some "perp" sitting in your local jail. Enemy soldiers are covered by "The Geneve Convention" where they have humane treatment. Bashes this always work? Of course of study not, but I will stand up up for our state even amid the stupidity during the in progress warfare in the treatment of prisoners, we far outceed other states in their treatment of "combatants".

I cognize this "Bill" was inspired by the treatment of suspected terrorists. We necessitate to retrieve that terrorists are not soldiers, soldiers are willing to decease for their countries, their primary end however is not to die, whereas terrorists chief end is to die. Terrorist Groups such as as "Al qaeda" are cruel while not abiding by the "Geneva Convention". "Al qaeda's" version of humane treatment of soldiers worldwide dwells of beheadings, dragging our military members with cars, mutilations, leaving the dead organic structures of military pesonnel in the desert to pull flies.

We should not handle terrorists with regard or dignity. We should handle terrorists with the same beastly military unit they have got bestowed upon not only our military members but our nation. Capital Hill can not be serious in their logical thinking that we should not be unsmooth with our question methods in dealing with suspected terrorists, what planet make they dwell on? Bash they not retrieve 9/11/2001? The bombardment of the barracks in Beirut? The USS Cole? We as Americans are expected to sit down idly by and handle suspected terrorists with regard and self-respect but yet they behead, maim and brutally homicide our people?

Did you cognize that within the "Al Qaeda handbook" it plainly states that if captured and asked by anyone in authorization while incarcerated how they were treated they are instructed to state that they have got been tortured? Yes, this makes exist, the British actually have got got this written document and have now made it public.

This "Bill" approved by our United States United States Congress demoes weakness, it demoes we will bow down down to terrorists. How can our state not negociate with terrorists in mention to "American POW's", but yet will negociate a "Bill" such as as this? I have got news for Congress, you are stirring up a hornet's nest, let our military make their jobs, if person stairway over the line with their treatment of suspected terrorists, penalize them, but make not set military members lives on the line to pacify a grouping of "peace activists" and "anti-war protestors" as well as suspected terrorists.

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