Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ogaden's Plight - The Most Crippling Problems That Faces The Ogaden

The developed states in this human race are traveling to the moon and back, breaking new bounds in scientific discipline and surpassing economical growing that tin only be dreamt of. Then why is the Ogaden, and for that substance Africa, still crawling in the mud?

Historically, Africa have been robbed of its people by bondage and robbed of its natural resources in the clip of the so called "Scramble for Africa" which is known to us as the African Colonization (19th century). So Africa was initially crippled. However, some states fared better than others. Federal Democratic Republic Of Ethiopia was the lone state not to be colonised by the Europeans as it was defeat by greed and helped the Europeans to take over Africa. The most unfortunate is the Ogaden region, which funnily adequate was given to Federal Democratic Republic Of Ethiopia as a "thank you" present by United Kingdom which was and is still illegal. Federal Democratic Republic Of Ethiopia still goes on to depredation the Ogaden with its cruel and inhumane regime.

The Ogaden have been through so much and many of its jobs are owed to external parties, mainly the meagre aid from the international community. The international community have turned their dorsums on the Ogaden region, mostly because to the Ogaden part would intend straying away from their way of the human race economical race. Ethiopia's illegal government is covering up the Ogaden's right for freedom. It is also well on its manner to set it ego in a favourable visible light to the international eye. I would very much like to ran into Ethiopia's praseodymium & selling squad as they are doing a very good occupation of distortion the truth in the Ogaden region!

Freedom for the Ogaden part is an weaponry length away and it is only a substance of clip till the Ogaden part acquires its deserved freedom! But the Ogaden part necessitates to speed up this clip since it have been freedom less for some clip now and the remainder of the human race have advanced both economically and technologically. Once the Ogaden part acquires its right to freedom, it have to catch up to the remainder of the human race and most of Africa is struggling to make this so it's imperative that the Ogaden part wins freedom as quickly as possible.

Ogaden Journalist

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