Thursday, July 26, 2007

How To Find Al-Qaeda - Not As Far Fetched An Idea As You May Think

The United States have 10s of one thousands of people searching for Al-qaeda. People sitting behind desks pouring over written documents and photos, people listening to dwell communication theory or computing machine flagged communications, scouring the internet, on the land doing interviews, military doing searches, artificial satellites taking pictures, and the listing travels on. It affects the military, FBI, CIA, NSA and an untold figure of other three missive departments.

Since 9/11 Al-qaeda have been the focusing of everything in the Center East. Even things going on in State Of Israel have got taken a dorsum place to the "War on Terror". Personally I believe it's a good thing. Al-qaeda and every other panic organisation demand to be held accountable. It doesn't impact just the United States it impacts everyone worldwide. So, the Hunt is on, in and by states all over the world. Despite differences that be on the political presence between countries, this is one thing that most of them have got in common.

Listening to the news, reading the paper, checking out international news agencies, listening to the "experts", reading armed forces and authorities fourth estate releases it looks that Al-qaeda be givens to be a difficult animate being to catch. You would believe they were almost as difficult to happen as Sasquatch or the Loch Cape Monster. Every twenty-four hours you hear they are hiding in the mountains, living in small towns among the people, have got encampments that move around and it travels on. Oklahoma it's understandable that they would travel around and hide. Wouldn't you make the same if people were hunting you down to kill you?

The thing that amazes me though, is that we go on to see "special reports" from the news agencies. Their cleft newsmen on the land look to be able to happen the Al-qaeda with relative ease, follow them around, talking to them and acquire some great footage. So how is it they can happen them but the military have such as a difficult time? The adjacent obvious inquiry is why aren't newsmen and news federal agencies passing this information on to the military? With the figure of particular studies I've seen I'd make bold state the news have been everywhere with them. My greatest fearfulness is that the news people are not telling the military in an attempt to acquire that adjacent large narrative to trump card the other news agencies. Sadly, at the disbursal of United States and other states military force lives.

So maybe the military demands to re-evaluate how they are hunting the Al-qaeda. Instead of following and trailing them why don't they begin tracking the news people? Put trailing devices in the gear wheel or on their bodies. Rich Person the artificial satellites and particular military units path the newsmen and news crews. I believe they might be a small more than successful.

They state that in the United States if person is missing don't name the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Police, happen a newsman and state them the story. They can happen just about anyone. Based on past news studies and large events in the human race I'd make bold twenty-four hours they are better and determination people and information than any intelligence federal agency in the world.

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